P5 Updates

Today Lily asked Ava and Daniel from P5A some questions here’s what she asked and what they answered.

Lily asked Ava: What do you mostly do in class? Ava said: Mostly math’s and writing.

Lily asked Daniel and Ava: Whats your favorite subject? They both answered: Math’s.

Lily asked Ava and Daniel: Who’s your teacher and do you like them? Ava said: MrCastillo yes but he shouts  And Daniel said: Mr Castillo and yes!

Lily asked: Ava,Daniel are you excited for P6? Ava and Daniel said: Yes!

Lily asked: How excited from 1-10? Ava and Daniel said: 10

Today Lily also asked Cole and Emma from P5B some questions.

Lily asked Cole: What are you doing in class right now? Cole said: Silent reading.

Lily asked Cole and Emma: Who’s your teacher and do you like them? Cole and Emma answered: Yes because she is very kind!

Lily asked Cole and Emma: Are you excited for P6? They said: Yes

Lily also asked: On a scale of 1-10 how much are you excited? Emma said 10 and Cole said either 7 or 8!