School Staff

Senior Management Team:
Head Teacher Mrs Zena Diggle
Depute Head Teacher Mrs Lisa Spence
Depute Head Teacher  Mrs Tracey Strathearn
Principal Teacher – Early Level  Ms Hazel Whitefield
Principal Teacher –1st Level Mrs Magda Robertson
Principal Teacher – 2nd Level Mr Michael Egan
Teaching Staff:  Class/Remit
Mrs Nicolette Lehman P1a
Mr Stuart Gray P1b
Miss Hazel Whitefield P1/2
Mrs Elaine Mack & maternity cover (tbc) P2/3a
Mr Thomas Algie (start date to be confirmed) P2/3b
Miss Rachel Ball (NQT) & Mrs Magda Robertson P2/3c
Miss Clare Reeves P4a
Mr Matthew Reid P4b
Mr Enrique Castillo P5a
Mrs Eileen Kot P5b
Miss Emma Paterson (NQT) & Mr Stephen Mells P5c
Miss Avril Rodger P6a
Miss Katie Hart P6b
Miss Danijela Rae P7a
Mr Michael Egan P7b
Miss Christina Hood Support for Learning Teacher
Specialist Teachers:
Mrs Magda Robertson PT NCCT
Mr Stephen Mells PE


Early Years Manager

Excellence & Equity Lead

Emma Murray

Shevaun Erskine

Senior Early Years Practitioners

Tammy Anderson

Madelaine Kirkwood

Early Years Practitioners

Nicola Richardson

Debbie Robertson

Anna Rush

Nikki Wight

Jayne Scott

Julie Robinson

Tricia Forfar

Rebecca McCluskey

Eve Spasova

Abbie Drummond

LA Early Years

Jenna Green

Jen Smith

Modern Apprentices Holly Cunningham


Administrative Assistant Mrs Carolyne Hay
Office Support Assistant Vacancy
Wellbeing & Inclusion Officer Mrs Hannah McIntyre
Home School Practitioners

Mrs Kayleigh McCluckie 

Miss Hellen Gray

Janitor Mr Grant Glover
Learning Assistants

Mrs Lynne Martin

Mrs Cheryl Moffat

Mrs Maureen Morrison

Mrs Amanda Oldham

Mrs Lyn Ross

Mrs Kayleigh McLuckie 

Miss Laura West

Miss Hellen Gray

Miss Amy Keenan

Miss Sarah Kennedy

Miss Ita Inkster

Miss Jen Watson

Mr Jamie Monaghan

Mrs Lisa McMillan

Childcare Development Worker – Early Intervention  

Childcare Development Worker – Early Years

Mrs Alma Bodie

Mrs Cath Harding

Playground & Dining Hall Supervisor                                      Mrs A Campbell
Senior First Aiders

Mrs Cath Harding

Mrs Alma Bodie