P2 Updates

Primary 2 class teachers:

Mrs Branston P2a

Mrs Hood p2b


 Lucy(10) and Lily|(10) have came together to interview the P2’s this is all the information we got from the p2’s.

In P2A we interviewed Lilly and Mason here are the answers that they gave.

So we asked them: how there Christmas was? Lilly said “my Christmas was good”, Mason said “my Christmas was awesome,” next we asked them: what did u get for Christmas? Lilly said “I got a  alexa”, Mason said “me too”

Now we asked them about there learning and there favorite parts.

We asked them: what is your favorite part of p2? Lilly said “the rainbow challenges” Mason said the same. if you didn’t know the rainbow challenges are challenges like they have to do art, math and other subjects but in play!

Now we asked questions about music.

So we asked them: what there favorite  part of music was Mason said “songs” Lilly said “songs” Mason said “songs” next we asked them: what is your favorite song that you have been learning in p2 Mason said “little donkey” Lilly said “little donkey”.