Headteacher’s Message

Dear all,
Welcome to our website and to a new school year for 2021-22!   Alongside our school App and our Twitter feed our website has a critical role to play in ensuring we communicate effectively with our families, learners and our community.  We will do our very best to ensure this website enables our learners to progress their learning and to continue to feel a key part of our Lawfield community. 
We hope to use the website to showcase our amazing school and our pupils’ learning.  As Covid mitigations allow, we hope to return to involving Junior Web Developers (a team of 10 learners from P5 to P7 ) in keeping the Website fresh and up to date.
The information on this website compliments the information that will also be available on our School App and in our Twitter feed.  Everyone at Lawfield, the pupils and staff alike, are keen to share as much information with you as possible about what we get up to each day.  We hope you enjoy reading all about our activities.  Please feel free to get in touch with us if you have any feedback about how we can continue to improve the site.
Lawfield  Primary School and Early Years aim to provide excellent learning experiences and opportunities for all our children.  For this school year (2021-22) we continue to focus on:
·         Raising attainment in reading
·         Raising attainment in numeracy
·         Creating a healthy, nurturing school
To support these aims, we will progress with Midlothian’s ‘Equipped for Learning’ programme to improve the digital learning offer and ensure equitable access for all – to give every school age pupil a learning device! 
Our Vision at Lawfield remains to be Safe, Supported and Successful and a summary of our School Improvement Plan is attached.  This Vision remains true online and in virtual learning spaces.
Everything we do is for the benefit of the children at Lawfield and we want to work in partnership with all our parents, carers and the community to ensure that we are getting things right for each and every child.  Please do not hesitate to contact us if there is anything at all we can do to help your child further.
Warmest regards
Mrs Zena Diggle
Head Teacher