Supporting Our Learners

It is our aim to keep parents informed of the nature and purpose of support within schools. Support for Learning is a phrase covering a wide range of educational support within schools.  In all parts of school life, regardless of age, stage, ability or any other factor, children are supported in their learning. This is a shared responsibility between teachers, classroom     assistants, parents, support for learning teachers and others. It is a normal part of many children’s school experience to receive some additional support within an area of their learning at some point during their school career. Some support for learning will be long term while other aspects will be short term.

This may be anything from simply helping a child gain confidence or skills in a specific area of the curriculum, to more complex physical, emotional or learning needs.   Embedded within all Teaching and Learning practice within Lawfield Primary School are the 6 Principles of Nurture.  These are as follows:

  • Children’s learning is understood developmentally.
  • The classroom offers a safe base.
  • Nurture is important for the development of self-esteem.
  • Language is understood as a vital means of communication.
  • All behavior is communication.

Transitions are significant in the lives of all children


At Lawfield we work hard to Get It Right For Every Child.  In doing so, we are aiming to improve children’s skills as learners and build their individual resilience.

Within Lawfield Primary School we currently have 2 Support  for Learning Teachers, Mrs Rodgers and Mrs Limerick (PT).  Mrs Boddie and Mrs Harding our CCDWs also support a number of children with their learning through planned learning activities.  Mrs McLuckie, one of our Learning Assistants, works closely with the SfL team to support children too.

Learning Assistants

Teaching staff at Lawfield  work in partnership with Learning Assistants.  Our support staff work across all stages of the school to support the teaching and learning of pupils. They often work with small groups or individuals, to help those children grasp a particular concept, idea or approach. They also work to stretch the most able children to achieve their very best. This can be within the classroom or in places such as the Library, Gym Hall, Expressive Arts or the ICT suite. They also work with teachers in the ‘whole class’ setting, supporting teaching and learning. Support staff often work with individuals or groups towards specific learning targets to ensure the children are  confident and making progress across the curriculum. They are a valuable aspect of the team supporting children at Lawfield .

The Role of Parents

The school value the role of parents in providing additional support to the learning of the children. Homework is provided on the basis that it provides an opportunity for parents to engage in the learning of their children,  reinforcing learning going on in the classroom. Wherever possible we encourage parents to get involved in homework tasks — talking together, sharing ideas and asking questions about the learning. Parents remain the prime educators of their children throughout the early years and beyond. Teaching staff are always available to discuss homework when and if required.

How Do we Communicate with Parents at Lawfield?

Every parent has the right to know what is happening with their child’s learning. We report to parents through parent-teacher nights 3 times a year and through the children’s Learning Journals.  We also have regular meetings with parents as required throughout the year and are always available to talk about your child’s learning.

Contacting Lawfield Primary School regarding Support for Learning

The class teacher is the first point of contact regarding support for learning. Please feel free to make an appointment to speak to a class teacher, via the school office.

The class teacher may refer you on to the Support for Learning PT, Mrs Limerick, for further information.

The Depute Head Teachers (Mrs Spence N-P3 and Mrs Strathearn P4-7) are also available for any further advice regarding Support for Learning within the school.

School office phone no: 0131271 4620

Thank You

Our Support for Learning Information Leaflet can be downloaded here.